CBE is approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority. The system is also available in online and offline versions, while you can follow your work progress in the event of an internet outage, with the data synchronization feature to save data during offline mode. Once the connection is back to the Internet, your data and sales are updated and everything you have done on the online version .

The system supports all browsers and electronic devices (cash devices, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, iPads, computers), while maintaining the compatibility of the system design for all screen sizes, which makes the user experience better to work perfectly.

The CPE system is designed with the latest technologies to be compatible with printing thermal bills and electronic scales, with the ability to print the barcode for each bill.

The system supports Arabic and English with the ability to add other languages.

The CPE system applies all the laws stipulated by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority for tax and electronic invoices to avoid any violations from the authority once and for all.

The CPE-cloud system is an integrated system with accounting features. It is subject to IAS International Accounting Standards. The system also takes into account the application of the accounting cycle in daily entries and financial statements. It also ensures that you add accounts with ease and also displays the results of all your reports individually in all lists of the system.

Through the CPE-cloud system, you can add an opening balance upon start of use, within various options, and save you the trouble of calculating the cost of the process of transferring goods from one store to another immediately through the system, with easy follow-up of available goods, quantity alerts, and expiry date, as well as Calculation of shameful damage, profits and inventory count.

Choosing a tax system at the level of the invoice or products, with a professional protection system that saves and stores user data without any problems or hacks.

The system is supported by a directory of cost centers associated with financial transactions, and enables you to return to any financial statement and account balance at any time of the year in just a few seconds, and it has the ability to process any financial transaction and show the results in reports.

As for the users and the powers distributed to them, it is safe, easy, and ensures that no errors occur to keep away from the complexities of other programs, while enabling managers to distribute the powers with full control and also track each user on the system.

CPE-Soft supports a customized version of iPad applications thanks to the smart bootstrap feature, and you can open it perfectly for all versions without any problems during browsing and use.

The application also has a special Offline version in the event of an internet interruption or interruption, with data synchronization occurring when returning to online use and uploading it to the cloud system.

The iPad version provides you with the use of the CPE system, from anywhere and at any time, to follow your workflow perfectly, with the ability to access all menus, view all reports, and carry out all system commands in an easy and orderly manner without complications.

The CPE Human Resources Management System ensures that you save the trouble by enabling the display of payroll and vacation balance, organizing attendance and departure processes, with the ability to submit employees to vacations through the system and presenting them to the management in an intelligent and sophisticated manner.

When opening the warehouse management system, the CBE system provides you with a detailed chart that shows the stock in percentage and the cost price. You can also add an unlimited number of stores to the facility and make transfer requests for products between those stores and some of them in just a few seconds.

The CPE system allows you to add an opening balance to products when starting use, and also to destroy the products in stock with an explanation of the reason for the destruction, and it also saves you the trouble thanks to the alerts of shortages or expiration.

You can do many tasks in the sales list within the CPE system, because you can easily make sales and access the sales list as well as points of sale.

You can also reward your customers by creating gift cards, making or modifying promotional offers, and easily accessing your customer list.

There is also a list of tasks dedicated to deliveries and returns

The CPE system, after adding purchases, has a list dedicated to your purchases and also another list for your expenses. As for suppliers, it is a list with many tasks such as accessing the supplier from within the system without the need to exit the system and search for the data of each supplier.

The CPE-cloud system is characterized by multiple types of reports, there are special reports for stores at different levels, such as the opening balances report and quantities report, product profit, quantity shortage list, warehouse destruction, settlement archive and adjustments, and many, many reports for stores.

As for the procurement reports, it includes daily and monthly reports, a comprehensive report for purchases, another for expenses, and also for suppliers, with a full presentation of payments and purchases for each supplier.

With regard to sales reports, they include a total report of daily sales, and another for monthly sales with the ability to filter them by date, a report for each sale, a report for customers, a report of records, total discounts and tax, and assistance in reviewing the bank’s statement of accounts.

And also many important reports such as a tax return report and a detailed tax plan, as well as an important profit and loss report.

الموضوع الاولYou can run the CPE-cloud system, on the devices after subscribing by logging in to the online system, or after making the necessary installation for the offline version, so you have all the possibilities to use the lists and see the reports of your activity

The CPE-cloud system works on all devices and browsers. It works on cashier devices, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and there are copies for the iPad system.

The system works on all devices with full features and full support for all different screen sizes.

An online and an offline version of the CPE system is available from the cloud system, in order to ensure that the user follows the workflow in the event of an interruption or interruption of the Internet at any time. He can work in the offline version, while ensuring the preservation of data and information thanks to the synchronization feature that updates data and information as soon as the return Internet.

The CPE-cloud system is a system approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and fully complies with the requirements of the Authority for the electronic invoicing system and the laws related to tax invoices.

The system guarantees that you will not violate the authority’s requirements stipulated in the application of electronic billing or tax invoice, and you can also make sure by referring to the authority’s website and making sure that the system is included in the approved programs.